Now Apps to Buy online in WSfB

Hi all in the Windows Store for Business, now you can Manage apps to Buy. How great is that, after a Year of waiting Winking smile


Log in in the Business Store and have a click on the Shop to find your App to can find a app with a price, select it and you will see there is a Button “Buy Now”


When you click Buy now, there will open a new Window:

Enter the Quantity of your need for this app…

Be shure you have the right account to buy the App, in my case i used a Old account thath the VISA-Card has expired:

If you got the right account:

Now you can go to the Inventory Page to Manage the App:

Click the App you buyed, after that you can “Assign to People” in this cas you also can select groups from you AAD, the same story like for free Apps.

When you finish chosen you Users, there will be listet by Name, after that you have to Set the License

and of corse, don’t forget to add the App to your Private Store Smile

Thats it, to Manage Apps is like a normal App as you know to Manage from this Post here:

Hope it Helps, have fun with it…

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