How to Use Express Update in SC CB 1702 with Win10 1607+

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A long time since my last Blog post, but here some news about System Center Configuration Manager Curren Branch 1702

Here are the News from Microsoft, what’s new in 1702:

In the Detail we can See all the new Features, in this Post i will show you the Settings you can implement to Use Express update for Win10. What that means is simple, instead of downloading every time the full Cummulative Patch for a Win10 it does only download the delta to a client, that save time and also a lot of network traffic!

Here are the official Post from Microsoft:

Manage Express installation files for Windows 10 updates

Beginning in version 1702, Configuration Manager supports express installation files for Windows 10 updates. When you use a supported version of Windows 10, you can use Configuration Manager settings to download only the changes between the current month’s Windows 10 Cumulative Update and the previous month’s update. Without express installation files, Configuration Manager downloads the full Windows 10 Cumulative Update (including all updates from previous months) each month. Using express installation files provides for smaller downloads and faster installation times on clients. For details, see Manage express installation files for Windows 10 updates.

You have to read the Details, in this Thread, here is one realy Important Message:

While the settings to support the use of express installation files is available in Configuration Manager version 1702, the operating system client support is available in Windows 10 version 1607 with a Windows Update Agent update.
This update is included with the updates released on April 11, 2017 (Patch Tuesday).
Future updates will leverage express for smaller downloads. Windows 10 version 1607 without the update and prior versions do not support express installation files.

To Configure, you have to set two settings in CM CM 1702;
First in den Site Config for the SUP:

Here in the Upload Files Tab:

SUP Setting for Express Update

Second in the Client Setting:

Client Settings for Express Update


And now we have to wait until April 11 2017 to get the Win10 Ready 🙂

in the meantime you can also Play with some other new Features with SUP in CB 1702:

Deploy Office 365 apps to clients

Beginning in version 1702, from the Office 365 Client Management dashboard, you can start the Office 365 Installer that lets you configure Office 365 installation settings, download files from Office Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and deploy the files as an application in Configuration Manager. For details, see Manage Office 365 ProPlus updates.+

The Office 365 app that you create and deploy by using the Office 365 Application Wizard in Configuration Manager is not automatically managed by Configuration Manager until you enable the Enable management of the Office 365 Client Again software updates client agent setting. For details, see About client settings.

Software update points are added to boundary groups

Beginning with version 1702, clients use boundary groups to find a new software update point, and to fallback and find a new software update point if their current one is no longer accessible. You can add individual software update points to different boundary groups to control which servers a client can find. For more information, see software update points in the configuring boundary groups topic.

This Post is as it is, happy testing

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