How to get onboard with Windows Insider for Business

Maybe you know, there is also available to become an Microsoft Windows 10 insider for Business. There is a separate Feedback hub ready to give MS feedback about Features you like to have in your Enterprise. (How cool is that)

Get ready and send MS Feedback that you can use for your Enterprise.

If you think ADK and GPO and so one is included, not really, but you can send your Feedback anyway and the Insider Team like to bring the information what you have to the right Product Group and maybe it’s in one of the following Builds and maybe in the next version of Windows 10.

Here I will show you to bring a Test Machine to the insider for Business, that your feedback comes to the right channel:

You have to have an organization account in Azure Active Directory (AAD) that is enabled to be an Insider:

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Here is also like a step by step guide:

First Register your Company Account to become an Insider: (if you have done that, you will see this)

Thank you for registering with the 
Windows Insider Program 
Welcome! You're an important part of the global community of Windows business users, helping us help your organization get 
the best of Windows. 
Do you want to control Windows Insider Preview builds across your organization? 
You may register your organization's domain with the Windows Insider Program and then apply policies to control the frequency 
and type of Insider Previews across your organization's dom in. 
Install Windows 10 Insider Preview 
Open your PCs Settings (Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Insider Program). To see this setting, you need to 
have administrator rights to your PC. 

After that you have to register your Domain as Part of Business Insiders, so the Account that you used to get the Insider for Business also can manage other Computers in your AD when they should become new Builds for testing and so on. (This user must be Global Admin in your AAD)

If you like to give Feedback, use the Insider Hub-App or this Link , just copy it and past it to your Browsers URL insiderhub://home/

Got back and Download your latest Insider Win 10 Version and install it to VM or a Computer, then go to the Settings and select “Windows Insider Program” Add your company Account, and you are In.

Find a setting 
Update & Security 
Windows Update 
Windows Defender 
Find my device 
For developers 
Windows Insider Program 
Windows Insider Program 
Get Insider Preview builds 
You're all set to get Insider Preview bui ds. 
Stop Insider Preview builds 
What kind of content would you like to receive? 
Get all of the latest Windows content, including regular new bui ds 
of the Windows operating system 
Active development of Windows 
What pace do you want to get new builds? 
Best for Insiders who enjoy being the first to identifry' issues, provide 
suggestions, and ideas to make Windows devices great. 
Note: It wil take some time to receive a build after changing yo 
Windows Insider account 
Work or school account

Here is also a Guide:

If you have any Problems, Post this in the Forum: or just Report it to the Feedback Hub App that’s already installed on your Client.

If you like to manage the Insider Computers in your Company, just Use the GPO’s or MDM to set every Device in to the right configuration:

So have fun in testing Preview Builds in your Company, and send Feedback, without Feedback there will no changes in the Future with your Needs or Wishes 😉

Please Be carefully, and test a Build first before you send it to everyone in the Company 😉


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