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This time, I’m at the MCT Global Summit in Germany (Cologne) and it is the first time I’m writing a blog post about a product. This means, everything I’m writing is my personal opinion and can differentiate to your opinion about those devices.

I got the chance from the sponsor “Sennheiser” to test every day another headset while having also some Skype meetings during the week. I promised to test the devices and write a report about them. To be honest, for the past years I’ve been using my Bose in-ear noise-cancelling headphones almost every day and I am more than happy with them. But since I am an open-minded person, I like it to try and test other things. And the best is, I didn’t have to buy them to test new devices.

    1. Headphone: Sennheiser SC 6×5 USB

Bildergebnis für Sennheiser SC 6x5 USB

Sound quality:

The quality of the sound is different. In a call, unwanted noises for the people who are talking and also background noises from the other attendees are filtered. Additionally, there is also a difference when you listen to music. These speakers are suitable for business and private.


The Headset has an S4B extender, with which you can answer a call, hang up and also adjust the volume + / -.


This headset has a very long cable. Especially when you pack the headset into your backpack, it can result in a mess. The reason for this long cable is that the headphone was originally planned to be used with a desktop tower where you must plug in the headphone to an USB port in the back of the tower. In my opinion, a modern workstation has mostly an USB port in front of the computer. So there is only limited need for such a long cable.


If you are looking for a device to use permanently on the workstation at your office, this headset meets your needs. I used a Jabbra headset at home for a long time and for many meetings. After testing this device and only taking the call and sound quality into consideration, I would definitively prefer the Sennheiser one. Since I always hated to deal with a mess of cable, I personally would buy the wireless version which is as well available in this series. Its token has a range of 100 meters.

    1. Headphone: Sennheiser MB660 uc ms

Bildergebnis für MB660 uc ms

Sound quality:

The quality of sound is just amazing and also the call quality is on another level than I have ever heard before. This device has a noise-cancelling-function; as soon as you enable it, there is no more surround sound or click to hear – totally different to what I am used to from my Bose in-ear noise-cancelling headphones which I have been using for years. If you put the Bose in-ear noise-cancelling headphones and start the noise-cancelling-function, you still hear clicks and it also feels like a vacuum in your head. But with the MB660 it is completely different: It just starts and the noises around you just go away as if by magic.


The over-the-ear headset comes with a nice box to store anything in it. Furthermore, it has a jack cable and also a USB dongle for Bluetooth connection in case your device has no BT. I had also a talk with the seller at the booth about this dongle, especially why we need that since nowadays every tablet or notebook has already BT. He explained me that the transport of the voice from the headphone to the computer is crypted with this BT connect and it is not possible to overtake and listen to the conversation. This means that you can use regular BT for listening to music and for business calls you can use the connect with the dongle.


There is also no handling needed with cables since it is wireless. On the side of the right ear shell you have touch to volume up and down and on the left ear shell you can change the sound optimization for call, disco, cinema and so on. You get also a 2mono jack connector to stereo, as we all know from the airplanes.

Bildergebnis für airplane double stereo adapter


In a nutshell, if you travel sometimes by plane and also want to use the headset for working or maybe traveling by train and also want to use it for fun in your private vacation time, this is one of my favorites since it really is an all-in set.

Maybe I can test some other device from Sennheiser in the future and post some information about them. I really like what they produce!

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