New Course is ready, MMD from 0 to Production in 5-Days

Modern Managed Devices from zero to production 


Mobile devices can be found everywhere in today’s world. They should be managed in an enterprise environment like any other computer. 

In this training you will learn how to manage devices from the cloud with Microsoft Intune. 

Devices in today’s world can work from anywhere and whenever users want. This shift changes security requirements and the way these devices are managed. Therefore, you need to learn how to manage these types of devices. Learn how you can handle end users to make your life better, instead of completing a device and solving all the problems outside your organization.  

Learn to identify business cases, to generate use cases and to provide the right workload with the right technology to the modern workers. This course focuses on managing and securing devices with Microsoft EM&S Suite. The expert and double MVP Mirko Colemberg has developed this five-day practical laboratory based on practical experience. 

Practical Labs:
50 percent of the time is devoted to practical labs and exercises. Another 20 percent are used for use case and workload concepts with appropriate methods for working in production environments. 

Key Learnings:
Creation and implementation of all required settings for using Azure AD and EM&S by yourself and from scratch.  
Transition from business cases to use cases and embedding workloads into the appropriate technology.  
Implementation of the appropriate technology with all the settings needed to get workloads done. 
Getting to know all the different settings that help to implement a working environment based on concrete cases from a company:  

  • Get Azure AD running 
  • Application Management 
  • Modern OSD  
  • Best Practices for the Security Basis 
  • Analytics 
  • Troubleshooting 

Target audience:
This course is aimed at IT Professionals who need a deeper understanding of the modern workplace with Windows and Azure Services and want to expand their knowledge. This course also provides background information on business / use cases to take the right actions to implement the right opportunities for the right workload. 


  • Basic knowledge how network and internet works
  • Knowledge about processes with business and use cases
  • Powershell basic
  • Read about: OMA-URI (CSP) and Graph/AIP

300 Advanced 

Material Goodies:

  • Lab manual (online on Azure AD)  
  • Slide decks (PDFs), Lab documents  
  • A Surface-Go-device  
  • Access to a Teams-group on a private channel for all participants: 
    • to share your experiences
    • chat 
    • wiki
    • script sharing
    • from time to time an online meeting for important updates

Days: 5

German and English

At the moment, this course in available at Digicomp in Zurich, Switzerland. Handouts are in English, but the course will be held in German:  

Manage Devices with all the tools of Microsoft Azure 

Kurs: Modern Managed Devices from Zero to Production («MMDZP») 
Mobile Geräte sind in der heutigen Welt überall zu finden. Sie sollten in einer Unternehmensumgebung wie jeder andere Computer verwaltet werden.

If you like to organize a class near you, just ask me i can deliver this Course in English all over the Planet.

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