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Windows Store for Business WSfB how to implement a LOB App

Here are an extended Post about my earlier Post from implementing Windows Store for Business WSfB Now we have a Look How to implement a LOB App (LOB = Line of Business App)That are apps that not official published in the Store (Marketplace) it’s more self Developed Apps for your Business and published as […]


Businessstore or Windows Store for Business WSfB

This is a description about the about how to use it and how to configure (do not use the triple “S” link, here is the right Name and the right Link I had two chances to implement it one for my own Company and one on a Customer it’s a School, so i […]


UEFI PXE x86 Deployment on Acer Aspire Switch 10 E

In Case you would like to Use UEFI Network Boot to install a fresh Windows 10 to a Tablet, then you Need something Special. In my case the Environment Looks like this: Have a Installed Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1 CU1 Installation PXE enabled on my Primarysite Servers DP Have a Acer Aspire Switch 10e Tablet (Aspire […]


License Key during Win10 deployment Tasksequence

Update 31.7.15 see the news on the End of this Post After i updated my site on installed CM12 R2 SP1 infrastructure, like in this post I was playing with the new Win10 rtm Builds and got a little Problem during the Tasksequence Deployment Process. After the Step “Setup Windows and Configuration Manager” was […]


How to Update ADK 10 rtm on a installed CM12 R2 SP1 infrastrukture

First things first, I was on a customer site and we played a long time with the Win10 Previews, so we installed ADK 10 Preview and also SP1 for CM12 R2. now was the first Problem the final ADK 10 Build was released yesterday and we would like to work with the final versions of […]


PullDP 0x80190193 : BITS error HTTP status 403

Have a nice Problem and I spend the full Weekend on it. On a Customer Site I have two Domains, but tat is not the case, the two domains are fully trusted. However I have a Secondary Site  with a DP this DP is a Pull DP for two DPs on a two different locations. […]


Device and Deployment silver Partener

Wow, what a great Week, gmbh is now Microsoft Device and Deployment silver Partner, thank you all who supported me and my company to achieve this goal. Looking forward to hold that Partnership with Microsoft.


Cm12 R2 CU3 is out

Just saw today the CU3 are released here are links (ConfigMgr_2012_R2_CU3_KB2994331_ENU) it’s near 100MB to download; What’s changed in the PowerShell CMD-lets: What’s changed for the Site: Steps for Update: – Download it from Microsoft – extract the file – run the CM12-R2CU3-KB2994331-X64-ENU.exe (as administrator of Corse) – Accept the License Terms 1.  […]


CM12 and WSUS Updates some Problems

in my case I hade some Problems with the WSUS-Updates on a customer, that is what I get to solve it: I found in the WUAHandler.log and the same error code in the UpdatetStore.log on the client Scan results will include all superseded updates.  WUAHandler    23.07.2014 11:20:07    6848 (0x1AC0) Search Criteria is (DeploymentAction=* AND Type=’Software’) […]


UserGoup Speaker in northern Germany

Happy to Publish the Config Manager User-Group Event in Hamburg Germany on Dezember 4th 2014. Thank you for inviting me as a Speaker to talk about the RBA module in Configuration Manager 2012 R2. Come in and Find out   See you there


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