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Windows Store for Business updated (WSfB)

Hi all I have written some Blog Posts about Windows Store for Business in the Past; – http://blog.colemberg.ch/2015/12/businessstore-or-windows-store-for-business-wsfb/ – http://blog.colemberg.ch/2016/02/windows-store-for-business-wsfb-how-to-implement-a-lob-app/ – http://blog.colemberg.ch/2016/05/now-apps-to-buy-online-in-wsfb/ And also a Pod-cast; – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Cw9l98ci1w But now, the Business-Store Website has updated, in this Post i will show you what’s different or new, for any stuff you like to know is also documented here on Docs […]


Now Apps to Buy online in WSfB

Hi all in the Windows Store for Business, now you can Manage apps to Buy. How great is that, after a Year of waiting   Log in in the Business Store and have a click on the Shop to find your App to Buy.you can find a app with a price, select it and you […]


Windows Store for Business WSfB how to implement a LOB App

Here are an extended Post about my earlier Post from implementing Windows Store for Business WSfB http://blog.colemberg.ch/2015/12/businessstore-or-windows-store-for-business-wsfb/ Now we have a Look How to implement a LOB App (LOB = Line of Business App)That are apps that not official published in the Store (Marketplace) it’s more self Developed Apps for your Business and published as […]


Businessstore or Windows Store for Business WSfB

This is a description about the http://businessstore.microsoft.com about how to use it and how to configure (do not use the triple “S” link, here is the right Name and the right Link http://microsoft.com/business-store). I had two chances to implement it one for my own Company and one on a Customer it’s a School, so i […]


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