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Intune Part 2; Install Agent to a Windows Client

Hi it’s Mirko again, to show you How to install the Microsoft Intune Agent to a Windows 8.1 Client. Go to the Intune WebSite to Manage your Tenant and download the Client: http://manage.microsoft.com Log in with your credentials. go to the Microsoft Intune Portal go to ADMIN select “Client Software Download” Press “Download Client Software” […]


UEFI and all the secrets to use it

Hi, i have a lot of Customers in the last time they ask me how to implement UEFI with their new HW from Dell, HP, etc. Now it’s time to wrote a exclusive article about UEFI and the secrets behind, it’s a long story to tell, additionally i will show you to implement them with […]


An anti-malware Plattform update for Endpoint Protection clients is available from Microsoft Support

There is a new Update for Endpoint Protection Clients in CU4 for SP1: The update in November was the last update that changes the binaries: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2907566/en-us In this Update just changed the Artikle with new informations: Updates the platform to network real-time behavior monitoring functionality Adds support of more operating systems Adds manageability support Adds […]


New Tool coming soon CM12 OSD Webportal

First Look for this nice tool calling, OSD Webportal Some Friends has createt this Web Service and Webportal to manage Clients or Servers to create Objects in Cm12 and put them to the right collection. This is to use OS-Deployment collections that are empty after build the Client/Server OS. In addition there are Location that […]


System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and client machine restart notifications

Important note about System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and client machine restart notifications there are a verry helpfully Blogpost from Terry McKinney | Premier Field Engineer to Show how the Baloon notification are working on a Win7 Client and 2008r2 Server. To use also GPO’s http://blogs.technet.com/b/configurationmgr/archive/2012/08/13/important-note-about-system-center-2012-configuration-manager-and-client-machine-restart-notifications.aspx?goback=%2Egde_3752127_member_146281647 have fun, All information is provided “as is” without […]


can not install ccmsetup (80004005, 1603)

  Your installation of SCCM Agent is failed with the following command in a multisite hierarchy: "\\<SCCM-Server>\SMS_<Site-code>\Client\ccmsetup.exe" SMSSLP=<Central-Site FQDN> DNSSUFFIX=<DNSsuffuix> SMSMP=<Primary-Site FQDN> MSI: Action 13:16:12: CcmInitializePolicy. Initializing policy    ccmsetup    30.06.2011 13:16:12    1456 (0x05B0) MSI: Action 13:16:12: SmsSetClientConfigInit. Setting SMS configuration    ccmsetup    30.06.2011 13:16:12    1456 (0x05B0) MSI: Setup failed due to unexpected circumstances The error code […]


automated client cache expand with Powershell

Sometimes you have a problem to expand you’re Client Cache for the SCCM-Agent. In a older Blog i have written (Update) for do this with a VB-Script, but for Win7 we should tihnking for the future and do this with Powershell…. Aaron Czechowski give a tip for a script here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/aaronczechowski/archive/2009/02/12/powershell-to-change-configmgr-client-cache-size.aspx $Cache = Get-WmiObject -namespace […]


Implement Fujitsu Clients and Servers Drivers in SCCM 2007

Here is a grate Article from Fujitsu how to implement Drivers in SCCM but it needs an Functionaly enviroment of SCCM with SCUP integrated. Soon i will post a documentation to implement a SCUP-Enviroment with self-signed Certificates, or a Document-Signed Certificate from the PKI. http://manuals.ts.fujitsu.com/file/8409/sv-dv-intpack-sccm-en.pdf


You ned a CMD with System rights, as like SCCM runs?

You ned a Command-Prompt so you can test/run Command-Lines to test youre Packages with the same User Credentials as SCCM (System) Here you have a possible solution step by step:  Create a Pakage in Youre Enviroment, don’t need a Package source, fill out the General Informations You dint need a Distribution Point to replicate Create […]


automated client cache expand

You have a lot of Packages to distribut, and the Client-Agent Cache (5120MB) is to fast empty? Here a little script to expand the Cache. Well you can create an vbs and advertise as a package, it works fine be carefull to use scripts, no guarantie 😉 wrote youre own Cache dimension on script: nValueToSet = 35840 ========================= ‘ Bereich   : SCCM   […]


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