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Community HUB in Technical Preview

In Config Manager TP1809/1810 is new a Community Hub. The implementation of this means that the community members have the possibility to share Powershell Scripts with each other. There will be coming more in the future such as CI’s and Reports that you can upload and share with others. It’s pretty cool, that you can […]


How to remove Apps from the Microsoft Store for Business

Since the Store for Business is in Place i use it often, but there is one thing i really don’t like in the Store for Business, you can add as many Apps (free and Buy) as you like to your Private Store that you can Use for your Employees. But to remove any of that […]


How to create an Easy Tasksequence for Win10 Servicing (inplace Upgrade)

Here we go with another post about the easy Tasksequence to manage inplace upgrade to the next Version of Windows 10 in your environment.   In a Config Manager driven Infrastructure, it’s the best you can do, to update your Windows 10 Clients by a OS-Deployment Tasksequence, for sure you can also Use the integrated […]


Config Mgr Product Group + MVP Hackathon

OK first of all, i’m in Redmond this week at the Microsoft Campus and enjoy the MVP-Summit 2015, that means we can sit together with the Product-Group People and have sessions about topic what is comming in the Product in the next Releases, this is of corse striktly NDA, i can’t talk about this on […]


System Center Universe Europe around the corner

Just a few Day until the Keynote starts in Basel at 23. August 2015…. Register now and enjoy a lot of cool sessions around the System Center Products from Microsoft, don’t miss the new Windows 10 Sessions! Here the Registration: http://www.systemcenteruniverse.ch/registration.html Here the Sessions: http://planning.systemcenteruniverse.ch/ I’ll be there to, as a Speaker, see the full […]


Swiss Configuration Manager Community Blog

There are a new Blog ready for the Swiss Configuration Manager Community. Should be ready for tips and tricks and also in Swiss German or in English, maybe in French 🙂 Hope you have fun http://configmgr.ch/ Let me Know if you would like to Blog your own News to share on this site for the […]


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