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Manage Android-“Corporate device identifiers” in Intune without rename it, but add it to an AAD-Group

This Post is waiting for a while until now, when I finally found time to publish it. We will fill the Gap when you add your Company Devices (Tablets) with a csv-File in your Intune Tenant as “Corporate device Identifiers”. Some companies only allow, company added devices to the Intune Tenant, so a user can’t […]


Android OEM Config with Intune step by step

Microsoft announces that Android OEM Config is now supported in Intune, to manage Samsung Knox and Zebra Devices. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Enterprise-Mobility-Security/Microsoft-Intune-supports-Zebra-devices-with-Android-Enterprise/ba-p/820403 How can we get the extension and use it: Go to your Tenant, add the Managed Google Play Store for Android: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/intune/apps-add-android-for-work Add and app from the Managed google Play Store https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/intune/store-apps-android Have a look for […]


Community HUB in Technical Preview

In Config Manager TP1809/1810 is new a Community Hub. The implementation of this means that the community members have the possibility to share Powershell Scripts with each other. There will be coming more in the future such as CI’s and Reports that you can upload and share with others. It’s pretty cool, that you can […]


Windows Autopilot – Full automation for devices where you don’t have the HashID (new or existing)

Hi All In this Blog Post I like to share my solution to add devices that are ordered from a vender/OEM without getting the HashID from the vendor direct to the Microsoft Store for Business or Intune. There are still some vendors and OEM that are not able to provide the HashID to you as […]


Syntaro; EMS-MDM addition Tool

Hi All, normally I do no product advertising on my blog, but now it’s time to tell you a story about a great product. To make a long story short; we build this product to deploy EXE, MSI, Scripts to any MDM-Managed Win10 Device (Agent Less with Intune). I will tell you the story from […]


New Windows Update LOG

Nice to see that Microsoft has changed the Log from Windows Update from the ETL file format, to a readable LOG format. In older Windows 10 versions (Builds) if you like to open the old and nice WindowsUpdate.log to see what’s happen in patch installing, you must follow these steps: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/charlesa_us/2015/08/06/windows-10-windowsupdate-log-and-how-to-view-it-with-powershell-or-tracefmt-exe/ Like you have to […]


You ned a CMD with System rights, as like SCCM runs?

You ned a Command-Prompt so you can test/run Command-Lines to test youre Packages with the same User Credentials as SCCM (System) Here you have a possible solution step by step:  Create a Pakage in Youre Enviroment, don’t need a Package source, fill out the General Informations You dint need a Distribution Point to replicate Create […]


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