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How to create an Easy Tasksequence for Win10 Servicing (inplace Upgrade)

Here we go with another post about the easy Tasksequence to manage inplace upgrade to the next Version of Windows 10 in your environment.   In a Config Manager driven Infrastructure, it’s the best you can do, to update your Windows 10 Clients by a OS-Deployment Tasksequence, for sure you can also Use the integrated […]


License Key during Win10 deployment Tasksequence

Update 31.7.15 see the news on the End of this Post After i updated my site on installed CM12 R2 SP1 infrastructure, like in this post http://blog.colemberg.ch/2015/07/how-to-update-adk-10-rtm-on-a-installed-cm12-r2-sp2-infrastrukture/ I was playing with the new Win10 rtm Builds and got a little Problem during the Tasksequence Deployment Process. After the Step “Setup Windows and Configuration Manager” was […]


How to Update ADK 10 rtm on a installed CM12 R2 SP1 infrastrukture

First things first, I was on a customer site and we played a long time with the Win10 Previews, so we installed ADK 10 Preview and also SP1 for CM12 R2. now was the first Problem the final ADK 10 Build was released yesterday and we would like to work with the final versions of […]


OSD Webportal Primary User Assignment how to Use it Part:2

Here now the Benefit we can earn for a Primary User Assignment during a Installation of a Computer, that all the Software is installed on a Computer with his Primary User has a Deployment during a Tasksequence. There are more then one solution on Community Market to Install Deployed Software to a User during a […]


How to create a custom default user profile for a Windows 7 when using ConfigMgr 2007 OSD

Another great Post from jchornbe to use a Referenced Profile in a TS When building a Windows Vista or newer reference image (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2), to create a custom Default User profile based on modifications done on the local Administrator profile normally the CopyProfile option is used in an […]


Lenovo Model difficult to find

Have You the Problem to make a query in the Tasksequenze to fin the Lenovo Model, like this ThinkPad W701 You have to search the Ressource Explorer, but you did’nt find eny Model description? So use this WMI-query to find out You’re Lenovo Models  SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystemProduct where version = ‘ThinkPad W701’ be carefull […]


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