Config Mgr Product Group + MVP Hackathon

OK first of all, i’m in Redmond this week at the Microsoft Campus and enjoy the MVP-Summit 2015, that means we can sit together with the Product-Group People and have sessions about topic what is comming in the Product in the next Releases, this is of corse striktly NDA, i can’t talk about this on this Blog or to another not MVP or MS-Employee.


all together Produktgroup and MVP’s


But we have a nice thing on start, it is calling Hackathon, what is that, here are the words from a Mail:

“A couple of times a year, engineering teams at Microsoft pause what they are working on; and give themselves permission for a couple of days to work on whatever crazy ideas they can come up with.  Most of the ideas likely never ship… but some end up making into products and eventually shipping.”

The Lead Programmer allows us to share our expiriance and funny ideas and also with the Pictures Smiley how amazing is that, you have here the chance to see something very spezial that can be never come to the final Produckt or something that is on the List. So this is not a garatuee that this is comming to the Product it was for Fun and maybe some ideas will implemented!


OK here are the Products and the stuff with the Pictures:

Team Active

live view about client status, client rightclick option for inventory, cortana integration to speak with the console to shutdown clients, and show it with a notification.

By the Way that was the Winner, and it would be implementet in one of the next releases in vNext!


Rightclick option to send inventory


Live graph tp show realtime active clients


Projekt list


Client Activity


Wizard of UI, universal Templates

create, save and reuse templates for every wizard….

Collection creation and save it in a template

WP_20151106_10_30_32_RichWP_20151106_10_25_30_RichWP_20151106_10_26_14_Rich 1

See the save and create button

WP_20151106_10_26_34_Rich 1WP_20151106_10_27_21_Rich

Templates will be stored in XML files


Server Patch Management, with excludes

The title says all.

WP_20151106_10_37_33_RichWP_20151106_10_39_50_Rich 1WP_20151106_10_39_50_RichWP_20151106_10_42_11_RichWP_20151106_10_43_28_RichWP_20151106_10_44_13_RichWP_20151106_10_44_48_Rich


Alternate UPN

Set a UPN for Intune Users, includes a cmd-let

go to console, enable AD, then set the command and it sets the UPN over CM to the user in Intune, has nothing to do with AD, great, just from CM to Intune.

Enrolle the device and then, wait, wait, wait, finaly it works

WP_20151106_10_44_48_RichWP_20151106_10_39_50_Rich 1WP_20151106_10_39_50_RichWP_20151106_10_42_11_RichWP_20151106_10_43_28_RichWP_20151106_10_44_13_Rich


The CM Architect him self presenting the enrollment.


Team Enrolling Devices

Diagnostic tool  when you would like enrole devices and it fails.

“Connector Enrollment Analyzer”

put in the Users UPN and the Device OS version, you will enroll

runs a string and gives you all the messages back whats wrong during the enrollment.

after all is passing, and still not enroled then it’s a Intune Bug Smiley (maybe)




Rule the World

PoSh who creates CI’s and BS
cmdlet created

it can create registrie setting CI’s, the preview allows also a data set to view.

WP_20151106_11_16_42_RichWP_20151106_11_11_44_Rich 1WP_20151106_11_14_06_Rich 1WP_20151106_11_14_43_Rich 1WP_20151106_11_14_48_RichWP_20151106_11_16_02_Rich 1



Team Dragon


Ant #Tweet

create notification collections and run notification direct to the desktop on a user

Also you can create nofications during you create an deployment, to inform the user now is something to install.





Managing Rempte Apps with ConfigMgr and also creating.

ARA Collections under App Management

the wizard will create a remote app in Azure and you can deploz that to a User that he can Use that on every Device




Tasksequence daisy chain Projekt Genesiss

There are two Projects for this, the first was to have a better overview in the console about the detail erorrs on a step during the TS, now you can also right click in the TS Deployment status and copy the messages to use it for bing search.


The other one was the lovley wished

Daisy chain Task Sequences (OSD and non-OSD)

 from the Uservoice, you should run TS’s from others that means you can scale TS’s and run it from a Parent TS, all the Variables are going to the child and back, any reboot is alowwed and excluded is to select the Parent from a Child, otherwise you get a loop.



You can think by your selfe in what group i was? In the OSD Projects of corse.

Here are som Fotos from the Team, but some Guys are left befor we had the Foto, in honor to Ron Crumbacker and Nial Brady.


Our Ideas are still placed and Hopefully the Team can Implement that nice stuff in a early release next year!


Hope some of that stuff comes to the Produkt and we will see if it’s happen.

Finaly we got a old-school CD-rom from the OSD-Team with the newest Bits for MDT 2013 Update2 to test, but it’s not working the important thing is that everyone from the Team has Signed the CD, that makes it spezial.


And here the Team with MVP’s for the OSD Hackathon:



Thank you all for this great expiriance this Week and i hope my readers enjoy this Blogpost too.


Every Projekt will be Posted seperat on other MVP-Blog, when they finaly ready i will copy the Link here that you can see more Details about the Different Projekts.


Have fun









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  1. Hi Mirko,

    thank you. Lots of useful stuff.


  2. […] and vote on other ideas from our group. From all the ideas 10 were selected as you may have read at Mirko Colemberg his blog. One of the ideas was mine, and well the following; Azure remote app integration with ConfigMgr. […]

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